"True"Phil Eastwood defies convention to completely obliterate what the common perception is of what a case should look like. Using a trademark method of metal ring binding, allows the crafter to create shapes for the varied themes that until now have been unattainable and therefore unimagined. These cases are shamelessly unbound!
"True"The primary function of a cue case (Quiverz) is to Protect the cue it houses! Since most of our customers have been high end collectors and resellers looking to mate these themed cases with highly custom, collectable and rare cues –there can be no compromise. 

If you have a design in mind that you may want to have commissioned by us - go to the CONTACT link and drop us a line. Commissioned pieces require a minimum deposit based and prices are contingent on the type (quiver, rifle, envelope, etc.), size (1x2, 2x4, etc.) and intricacy of the design and degree of difficulty.

Music of the Spheres - 

Excerpt from the Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe - 1x1 Hand tooled leather pool cue case.

Sin CityHand tooled leather 1x1 pool cue case. Entry from the 2015 ICCS "Great Cities of the World". 

ARROW 8 - 






Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to see additional pictures please go to http://phileastwoodstudios@gmail.com or join us on our Quiverz Facebook page.